Being a new mom through the Winter

Mom and Baby fitness Classes 4If you’re a new mom, I certainly don’t have to tell you how amazing and rewarding the experience is! I probably also don’t have to tell how exhausting and isolating it can be. Especially during the colder months. I have three winter born kids and so I totally get that your stroller walks become few and far between, your visitors start to drop off and the days seem longer and longer.

It becomes really easy to hyphenate with your little one when the months become colder, but trust me, you’ll start to get cabin fever! Don’t wait till the warmer months to get out there are try new things with your new arrival. There are so many great mom and baby programs for new moms to take advantage of these days than compared to even 5 years ago! Baby story times at your local library, coffee meet ups through online mom groups and my favourite, mom and baby fitness classes.

Getting out and staying active, no mater what the activity, is a great way to beat those winter blues, but mom and baby fitness classes tend to have the edge (in my books).

So why Mom and Baby Fitness? Well to start with, you’re out of the house and meeting new moms in the neighbourhood which is always fantastic. It’s great to share, laugh, and vent with other moms going through exactly the same experiences.

Mom and baby fitness Classes 2However, what gives the fitness classes the edge is the benefits you get from a workout. Exercise is a great stress relief – especially for sleep deprived new mommies! Exercise also gives you more energy and lets face it – we need all the energy we can get! And the opportunity to do this with your new little one is a win win. You don’t have to worry about finding a sitter or waiting till your husband is home, or whether they will wake up before your 20 min treadmill program is completed. Whether your little one sleeps through class, plays with the other babies or even helps you with your workout – you get a full 50 mins of exercise … just for you!

If you live in Missisauga and want to beat those winter blues and get out and get active, check out Fitness by the Lake’s Mom and Baby Fitness Classes – affordable fitness for moms. If you don’t live in Misissauga, google Mom and Baby fitness for your city. Feel good, feel energized and feel alive.

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