Boot Camp classes & Outdoor Fitness

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The warm weather is finally arriving and more and more people are starting to take their workouts outdoors. There are so many benefits to an outdoor workout that you just won’t find indoors! The benefits of an outdoor workout:

  • Changing scenery keeps your mind engaged
  • Fresh air is good for your emotional well-being
  • Many of the structures we pass everyday make for the best fitness machines – and there free!

My favourites:

treesTrees! They can be used as markers to run back and forth between. You can wrap a band around them for strengthening exercises, or ever work on your triceps by standing in a side plank position about half a body length away from the tree, supporting yourself with your forearm. Then dropping your hip nice and low and bringing it back to neutral, isolating that triceps muscle. As an added bonus, it’s a great oblique workout as well!


benchesBenches are another great multi-use machine. You can use them to strengthen your legs with step ups or even jump ups. You can work your lower abdominal muscles by lying on the bench with your back an bum supported and legs hanging off the bench. Bringing your legs up towards the sky, you can either alternate each leg bring it down to align with your hips, or bring both legs down together. Benches are also great for inclined push-ups and triceps dips.

hillsHills. Sprinting up a hill is a great cardio exercise. Much more engaging than putting the incline up on the treadmill. Depending on the weather, hot, damp or chilly, the terrain of hills can change, making no one workout ever exactly the same – helping your burn more calories!





beach boot camp - 2Beach workouts! Of course, nothing can really beat working out on the beach! The scenery alone is worth the sweat. However, a beach workout is one of the most effective calorie burning workouts around. The soft and uneven terrain of the sand is similar to a BOSU ball – your balanced is challenged through each movement – engaging more muscles – make your body work just that extra bit harder. The sand is also a lot easier on your joints, helping you complete some of the more challenging moves, squats jumps, burpees etc., that might cause join pain on a harder surface. All in all – outdoor workouts are fun, creative and effective!


Many of the boot camp classes offered in Mississauga incorporate all of the above for a great outdoor workout! Working out with a group adds accountability to your workouts and of course, it’s great to met new people with the same interest. Most boot camps in Mississauga can tailor each exercised performed so that beginners and experts can work side by side as well as feel they both had a terrific challenging workout.

Whether you’re going for a walk, run , bike ride or doing a workout – enjoy yourself and have fun!

To check out Fitness by the Lake’s Mississauga boot camp classes, click here.

Are you a good fit for a boot camp class?

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What comes to mind when you think of a boot camp class? Most think of a hard core, high intensity, killer, military style workout – tailored to the high level fitness enthusiasts.  The everyday person, who is looking for a good calorie burning workout, may just run in the other direction.

Ok, yes, some boot camps are like that. But more and more boot camp style work outs are moving towards a well-rounded, for all fitness types, workout. One where each exercise performed can be modified to a simplified version for beginners and also intensified for more advanced fitness goers. A quick search on Google for “Mississauga Boot Camps” and you’ll find a variety of them, Booty Camp Fitness, Fit Chicks, Mississauga Adventure Boot Camp and of course, Fitness by the Lake. Port Credit has a wonderful fitness presence.

Beach boot camp

I know in my Mississauga Boot Camps, we have beginners working out with experts, and all feel like they’ve had a personalized workout just for them. And none have the pressure to keep up to the person next to them! And I am sure that’s not just my boot camp class, but many other Mississauga Boot Camps as well.

When people ask me whether or not a boot camp is for them, my answer every time, before even knowing their fitness level, is always the same “a boot camp class is what you put into it. If you put in the work, you’ll see the results.”

Most boot camps are designed to include internal training, performing an exercise for a pre-determined amount of time, a short rest, and repeat. This is my favorite type of training as it allows people to preform to their ability, rather than watching someone struggle through 10 push-ups, while the rest of the class has already finished. You’ll see the confidence level rise as each class goes on. Heck, as each exercise goes on!

Boot camps are all about confidence!

So is a boot camp class right for you? You have the motivation and you have the desire, YES, a boot camp is perfect for you!

Try your own interval workout:
To work your quads, glutes and hamstrings – squats are one of the simplest and most effective moves
2 minutes squats: 20 seconds of squats – followed by a 10 second rest  – repeat this 3 more times.