Mom & Baby Private Training.


Mom & Baby private training a great way to bond with your baby while getting one on one guidance from a personal trainer. You’ll strengthen your core, shape and tone your post natal body and feel good about yourself!

Let’s turn the studio into a play area for your little one (13 mos or younger), while Mom fits in a fantastic workout. If your little one is fussy your trainer is more than happy to incorporate your little one or steal snuggles with your baby.


Routine Training Package – This package is perfect for that new moms looking to kick start their post natal recovery with two personal session a week. Your trainer will also design a comprehensive home program to complement your studio workouts.

Starter Training Package – This package is perfect for moms looking to slowly get back in to a fitness routine or for those moms looking to supplement their group classes or independent workouts with a personalize program.


Our program fees are heavily discounted from our standard training fees, so moms feel good about spending on themselves.

Fees applicable to Moms with babies 13 mo and younger.

It is recommended that all mommies have their post natal examine before beginning any exercise routine.


In addition to providing new moms with one on one sessions, we’re happy to provide training options for you and a friend, “fitness playdates”, or a group of new moms. For those moms looking for a jump start – check out our Do-it-yourself home package options.